Dreams of love and springtime

Aaaaaaaand we’re back! After two and a half weeks in the South Seas, Knoll, Tott, Odd-Even and I returned to a still-snowbound city. Despite the cold, however, I find myself glad to be back, since tropical climes did wonders for relaxation and not much for knitting. Rather than bringing back two completed shawls, I excavated the same unfinished objects from my suitcases in the days after our return – they hadn’t even been unpacked from the ziploc bags into which I had stuffed them before undertaking our journey half a world away.

But, it seems, hints of springtime have come to Kristiania. The days, as we near the end of February, grow ever longer; and the skies are, every other day or so, cloudless. This isn’t the hazy, lazy light that drenches beaches and palm trees, but the bright brilliance of winter sun, and it has spurred me on to more lace knitting. When the sun shines, it seems to me that everything is possible – even making a living as a freelance designer among so many others trying to do the same.

It has indeed occurred to me on numerous occasions that designing lace is not particularly lucrative, as I’m no speed demon when it comes to shawls – but on the other hand it requires no calculations for small, medium, and large as for sweaters or even socks. Though I did work briefly as a pattern writer for one of Scandinavia’s largest yarn companies, I must admit never to having mastered the art of sweater calculations in six sizes – but I can knock out the pattern for a pot holder or mobile phone case or garter stitch scarf in less than half an hour. In Norwegian at that 😉

Anyway, I digress; my very first pay pattern on Ravelry has made its appearance and it is, after all those considerations, a lace piece: the Liebestraum shawl features lilies-of-the-valley and a bell ruffle. The original, pictured here, is worked in a 2-ply fingering 100% wool yarn on 4 mm needles.

Thanks to the Free Pattern Testers Group, it’s been test-knitted, and my lovely sister-in-law consented to model it for me in these pics. If you knit lace and you like shawls (and even if you don’t), I exhort you to buy it! Or at least fave it. If the former, you’ll help me pay down the mortgage. If the latter, you’ll inflate my ego a bit, which, I guess, is what this whole endeavour is really all about at this point in time.

Another view, this time modeled by the oh-so-elegant couch in our vacation rental:


On the table for the coming weeks: a triangular lace shawl, a beaded stole, and some scrap shawls in garter stitch. Some free patterns are in the mix too. As always, watch this space!

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