“On the fields of violet”

My one and only Wollmeise, thanks to Mum:


Yes, another shawl is on the way. Sadly, it’s not a particularly interesting shawl, but for whatever reason, my brain is full of distractions and digressions, and a boring, repetitive pattern within the framework of a half-pi shawl seems to be the only way to go. Still, I console myself with the notion that my not-very-nefarious plan for this Lace-Garn in the Ballerina colourway does rather seem to be working out. I’d post some in-progress pics, except it’s just past midnight here, and one could only ever take half-decent photos at such a time in Norway at midsummer.

The Pentecost shawl, by the way, is currently being test-knit. The test will close in mid-April and the pattern should be available to the general public (for a small sum ;-)) soon thereafter. In very good time to be knitted up for Pentecost, in fact.

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