Grand Theft

Actually, it’s more like Red Dead Redemption – but GTA is ever so much more fun, especially if your terrorized taxi customers would prefer to jump out of your cab at the next stoplight rather than attempt to survive your mad driving skills. After watching me play, Odd-Even declared that there was no need for me to exert myself to obtain my driver’s license since the streets would obviously be much safer without my presence behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle.

Anyway. The Grand Theft shawl is a scrap shawl. I combined Prism Lace Wool in the discontinued colourway Copper Penny, Nøstebarn 2-ply Merino, and a mohair/acrylic blend similar in style to Rowan Kid-Silk Haze. The border is worked in a worsted weight handdyed angora claimed from the European Karma Swap group.

After blocking, the mohair became nearly transparent. I don’t really want to rhapsodize about how the garter ridges in the Prism and Nøstebarn look like they’re suspended in gauze, but I can’t help myself. The heavier border lends both actual and visual weight to the shawl. Which, as it were, is hardly a shawl; or if it is, it’s only a small one: 25″ down the spine with a wingspan of 54″. Since I myself tower a whole half an inch above 5 feet, though, it does work as a shoulder shawl for me.

This pattern, or, rather, recipe – simple though it is – will be available in an e-book. Said book is to be released in July (if we keep our fingers crossed, anyway) with other variations on the humble garter stitch triangle.  It will be free of charge, about which I’m strangely very excited given that I began this whole freelancing endeavour as a means of making money 😉

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