Vicuña vs Amiga 4000 vs Qiviut

Updated February 2017: This post is by far the most popular entry on the blog. I suspect that it has to do with the key words mentioned in the title, which, upon reflection, are highly misleading and seem to have thoroughly confused Google Search. If you want to know what it’s like to knit with vicuña or qiviut, or if you want to talk to a recruiter for the Church of Amiga, then I’m afraid that the following paragraphs can do no more than disappoint you. But perhaps once your confusion at having landed here wears off you might find something else to interest you on this site?


Tonight Odd-Even told me a story about his friend Vance. Back in their undergrad days, Odd-Even shelled out 12 000 kr for a Mac G4 Cube. (To put that number into perspective: in my former job, I made about 20 000 kr a month after taxes.) He made this purchase on emotion. Love at first sight, I think I might call it. Oh, gallantly did he try to resist that coup de foudre, but in the end, Vance told him, “Trust your feelings,” and Odd-Even capitulated.

This, though, is not really the story that I came here to tell you tonight. The real story actually involves a purchase made by Vance himself. Apparently, he had trusted his feelings when he shelled out some even more exorbitant, unnamed sum for a computer. And then he subsisted on rye crispbread and potatoes for a month because he had blown all his money on that computer.

Odd-Even was offended when I summarized thusly. “It wasn’t a computer.” He laced that last word with disdain. “It was an Amiga 4000.”

Dear reader, perhaps you, or one of your loved ones, are a disciple of the Holy Church of Amiga; I don’t mean to disrespect your faith. I simply can’t fathom the equivalent of laying out 20 000 kr for yarn in a single go. A month-long diet of ramen noodles doesn’t appeal, even if that sacrifice were for the privilege of knitting qiviut or vicuña or spider silk. And if Odd-Even is going to rhapsodize about one of the many pieces of hardware that he has collected in our living room/workshop, he can stay silent about the modest size of my stash!!!


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