The treachery of Morgana le Fay

“Then Sir Accolon bethought him, and said, Woe worth this sword, for by it have I got my death. It may well be, said the king. Now, sir, said Accolon, I will tell you; this sword hath been in my keeping the most part of this twelvemonth; and Morgan le Fay, King Urien’s wife, sent it me yesterday by a dwarf, to this intent, that I should slay King Arthur, her brother.”

(Le Morte d’Arthur, Book IV, Chapter XI)

Woe worth this shawl, more like. I wish that the yarn was never spun, nor the lace knitted; and certainly never put out to test, for my long-suffering testers have endured the ignominies of wrong charts, erroneous stitch counts, and finally a terrible underestimation (to the tune of a hundred meters or more!) of yardage; I could well understand any wish they might have to slay me (though I’d fight back. With a dpn, of course.)

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