An unseasonal scarf

The reason for the dearth of posts here is straightforward and an excuse that I think I’ve come to use numerous times: I got carried away again when I meant to make a simple scarf and decided to neglect writing for knitting.

May I introduce The Long, Long Winter Night, slightly out of season given that we now are firmly in the grips of spring here – but better late than never…


Actually, it is pretty easy once you get into the rhythm of the nupps and then the horseshoes; it’s just not “mesh and godmother’s edging” simple. Best of all, though, it used up half my Malabrigo stash – which was, let’s face it, a paltry 3 skeins, but 3 skeins too many since I don’t like laceweight singles or Merino as a fiber. (So who knows what induced me to that purchase. Oh wait, I do. I was going to rework Dragon Gate Inn, which is feloniously full of errors, but then decided that the design wasn’t worth the effort of reknitting. Though it may yet be done in the far, far future with a DK single, which I think will improve the appearance of the cables.)

Anyway, dear reader (if you should even exist, since it appears that many so-called visitors to this blog are merely spammers attracted by that rambling post about vicuña and Amiga computers), the test for The Long, Long Winter Night will open this weekend or early next week. I believe that I can fairly reasonably say that it will cause us all far less heartache than the Morgana shawl.

In other news, the test for the Pentecost shawl is closing today and the pattern should (let’s cross our fingers and pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that no messes will henceforth ensue) be released this weekend! Be so kind as to excuse me as I jump up and down shouting things that vaguely sound like “Yay!” and “Halleluia!” 😉

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