Knitting as fast as I can

Fleinhøy! you say. Where are you? You secretly promised yourself that you would try to update at least twice a week, and here you are, approaching the ides of May, with nary a post since…Earth Day?

Well, dear reader, I am knitting as fast as I can. And writing patterns as fast as I can. And taking terrible pictures that really don’t deserve to see much more than the inside of a virtual trash can. I also plan to rid myself of more yarn by sending some off to a friend who’s recently learned to knit. Sadly, it doesn’t really make a dent in the stash, because Mum, feeling sorry for my self-imposed fiber diet, sent me money for my birthday with the exhortation to use it for yarn. Well! Wink wink, nudge nudge, SAY NO MORE!

In the meantime, scarves. Lots of skinny scarves, meant to consume all those annoying orphan balls of Kid-Silk Haze that I bought on sale, or half-skeins of leftover laceweight. I don’t actually wear skinny scarves, but I’m sure someone must. Right? Pictures and patterns coming…in June, maybe 😉

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