What the fug?

I’m not, alas, Handy Kitty, and so I’ve always mourned my lack of ability to colour coordinate beyond black + white. Hence I knit many fugly things. This set doesn’t take the cake. Not at all – that prize would likely go to a few shawls and mittens, which luckily never got past the WIP stage, that caused many a friend to inquire gently as to whether I suffered from colourblindness.

Anyway, Tott wore those pants last year; the Baby Bog Jacket, however, has been languishing since before he was born. Sadly, there’s no hope of it fitting him now, and also, I think, similarly little hope that my friends will want to clothe their soon-to-be-born bundles of joy in it given the unfortunate colour combinations. (Asked for his opinion, Odd-Even did say, “Well…maybe it’s just a little bit fugly,” as opposed to entirely and wholly fugly, though I suspect he said so mainly out of kindness rather than truthfulness.)

Nevertheless, stashbusting and turning WIPs into FOs seem to be related in a sort of cousinly sense; I did toss about 5 WIPs before Christmas, but I’ve still thumbs on a pair of quasi-Latvian mittens, the edging on a beaded stole, and mitten liners. I expect that pictures will be available as these items are finished, which may or may not be anytime soon.

On a more optimistic note, progress continues, in the form of a ruffled shawl. (The pattern will be available in the same e-book as the Grand Theft shoulder shawl.) It’s handspun Polwarth and handspun merino/silk from FiberArtemis:

Before I call it quits for today (and probably the next fortnight), let me say this: there are two companies whose yarn I love so much that I dream of collaborating with them on a design catalogue: Dale of Norway and The Harris Tweed Company Grosebay, in whose 4-ply the following shawlette is knitted. I would knit everything henceforth in this yarn but for the stash diet, and I’m already making nefarious plans for a colourwork stole that will probably see the light of day in about two years, when I reckon I’ll be allowed to buy yarn again.

In the meantime, I will stay warm with my new favourite everyday shawl, a little Faroese (take my word for it) that takes off the lingering chill of Norwegian spring.

Faroese with Picot

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