Some good news: the test for The Long, Long Winter Night scarf will close tomorrow and the pattern should be released next week.

Some less-good news: the Morgana shawl, so highly anticipated, will probably be out in June, as I’m planning to make a shallower version to accompany the heart-shaped version that’s already been tested. And this endeavour will doubtlessly take some time. In fact, I heartily admit to having avoided even choosing yarn for the shawl because I look so un-forward to knitting a million repeats of candlelight for the edging.

In other news: yesterday this merino/silk (70/30) in Matins by Bride Flight Studios came off the bobbin. Although merino’s very low on the list of things I like to spin, it does floof up wonderfully after steaming.

Matins by Bride Flight Studios

It’s laceweight, of course, and destined for a stole, the first prototype of which has already been knitted. Stupidly, between knitting it and sitting down to write the pattern, I lost my notes. So rather than subject my unsuspecting testers to a pattern that would essentially be only theoretical, I’ve decided to knit another version before opening the test, and strangely enough, I am contemplating this project with some enthusiasm (as opposed to Morgana, at least).

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