Yeah, that resolution to post every week isn’t really working out, is it, dear reader? My apologies would probably sound contrite, so I won’t waste ink on them. Here’s a pic-heavy post, though, to counteract the silence of the last ten days:

First off, the Clayoquot Sound scarf is finished. It looks just like it did in my preliminary sketch, which always mind-boggles me. The pattern is being test-knitted as we speak and should be out at the beginning of July.

Next, yet another stashbuster shawlette in garter stitch, featuring Kid-Silk Haze and handspun merino/bamboo/firestar from a batt in the White Gold colourway by FiberArtemis:

Morgana 2.0 is also finished and my test knitters are plugging away.


Aaaaaaand it seems that the next few weeks will be dedicated to stockings, which I both dread (the knitting of socks is now no longer as fun as it once was back in the day) and welcome (better to knit new socks than to darn old ones for the third time).


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