Ah, dear reader, are you still checking this space? I’ve spent the last few days working through my pile of socks to be darned (having knitted them all at the same time – about 5 years ago – they’ve all gone holey at the same time too). Other than that ongoing project, there’s very little knitworthy to report here, at least in terms of finished objects: stockings are still on the (2.25 mm) needles and a hank of handspun is slowly but surely transforming into a stole.

On Ravelry, I’ve been out and about expanding my list of favourites, with the Genevieve Shawl by Sharon Miller and Selkie by Caerthan Wrack among the latest additions. Although coming up with my own pieces engenders its own satisfaction, now and then I do enjoy someone else doing all the design and calculation work for me – and on that note I’m contemplating casting on either a Northern Summer Shawl by Jo Kelly or Alina Appasov’s Fragaria, both of which have languished in my queue for, like, evs.

The other major eaters of time (excluding the kids) are an endeavour to re-read, after 10 years, Bloodtaking and Peacemaking: Feud, Law, and Society in Saga Iceland; and to finish Gordon S. Wood’s The Idea of America. I came to Wood only a few years ago, after reading Empire Of Liberty on the strength of its review in the New York Times, and was surprised to find myself intrigued by the history of the early American republic, which had heretofore never interested me in the least.

Medieval Iceland and early modern America aside, my, um, well, one could technically call it literary indulgence comes in the form of historical romance novels. Yesterday Tott’s nap afforded me the chance to read Julie Anne Long’s latest in her Pennyroyal Green series: It Happened One Midnight. Yes, I loved it. Not as much as How the Marquess Was Won or What I Did for a Duke, but I’ll call it a keeper. Which is just as well given that it’s a de facto prisoner on my Kindle anyway.

Well, off to knit some more. Or maybe to read the rest of the chapter on the arbitral process in Icelandic sagas 😉

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