Winter Knitting

Yes, dear reader, you read that title right. If one lives in Norway, then one must accept – probably sooner rather than later – that one must take winter seriously. I don’t mean that we ever suffer from particular cold in this part of the country, since it rarely dips below -15 C, but even such mild temperatures (compared to, say, -32 in Longyearbyen, Karasjok, and Hammerfest) can cause no little trauma for a girl who grew up on the Pacific Coast, and I always begin our preparations for winter in August.

Winter knitting in our household tends to mean children’s clothes: socks, sweaters, and balaclavas (which in Norwegian bear the interesting name of “Finland hats”). I also use the term “winter knitting” to refer to Christmas presents, although as luck would have it, this year appears to require rather less Christmas knitting than previous years.

So, let me roll out The Plan:

Knoll needs 4 pairs of socks, 2 worsted weight sweaters and 1 fingering weight sweater. He wanted a “store hat” as seen here.

Tott needs 4 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of worsted weight longies, an autumn hat and a fingering weight sweater.

Adrian, for his December birthday, will receive 2 pairs of worsted weight socks and 1 pair of gloves, and 1 pair of lace socks for his new bride.

(What with all those socks, I’m stocking up on sock yarn remnants with a view of making  The World’s Ugliest Sock Yarn Blanket in the far future. If you’d like to contribute, contact me via Ravelry PM. On second thought, don’t. I’m supposed to be knitting down my stash, not collecting more yarn ;-))

There will also be a few shawls, still to be test-knitted, from now till the end of the year, I hope. They’ve been knitted and charted, but the pattern texts haven’t quite been finished. Oh, and if you’ve a very long memory, you might recall that I was once blabbering on about an e-book with shawl recipes. It’s encountered the same problem as those shawls, namely the English language refuses to submit to my whims. Rest assured, though, that “I will conquer this!” (Eventually.)

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