Why did I do this to myself? Stash laceweight, I mean. And spin it. Miles of it, in fact!

Here it is.


Let’s see…that’s 3 x Drops Kid-Silk à 200 m/skein, 2 x left Prism Lace Wool à ~800 m/ball, 200 m Silky Alpaca Lace, 6 x Zephyr à 575 m/ball, 4 x handspun à ~1100 m/hank, 1 x Treenway Silk Kiku à 1000 m/hank, 1 x little handspun à ~250 m…

That gives us 11 500 m. Except that there are 2 more balls of white Zephyr hanging around somewhere – which brings us to 12 650. In other words, twelve and a half kilometers to knit. Probably more, come to think of it. I’m sure there are other random skeins and half-hanks lurking in the darker corners of the stash bins.

Today I declined to photograph the fingering weight and sock yarn, the sight of all that laceweight having depressed me enough. At this point, it’s evident that the stash knit down will continue through 2014, and probably stretch into 2015 as well.

In conclusion, I think that lots of future projects will feature double- and triple-stranding.

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