The Stolen Branch

The first real days of autumn have hit us…rain, wind, the feeling that the Great Greyness is upon us again. Knoll is actually quite looking forward to winter, entailing as it does evenings inside with a cup of hot cocoa, hot water bottles to snuggle with at bedtime, and, of course, Christmas presents. My own psyche is less inclined towards such a sanguine view. Strangely enough, keeping winter at bay and stashbusting dovetailed into this blanket – inspired by Pablo Neruda’s springtime poem “The Stolen Branch.”

There’s no “official” pattern, but a recipe is available on my Ravelry project page. I made this one as a stroller blanket for Tott with 4 skeins of Dale of Norway Heilo; the flowers used up the last of some handspun Shetland felted singles dyed by Bride Flight Studios. Obviously not the most practical of yarns for a small child, but we are, after all, possessed of a front-loading washing machine with a wool program and, hey, you go stashbusting with the yarn that you have.

On which note, some more small pieces for the children of a friend and a long-promised hot water bottle cover for Knoll.

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