National Knitting Night

After last year’s “Vedkveld” (let’s call that Firewood Night), a program that involved serious discussion in a variety of incomprehensible dialects about how to stack firewood, there were calls from some quarters to produce a similar show for the laaaaadies. And so 1 November 2013 has been designated National Knitting Night in Norway.

What will National Knitting Night involve? Well, according to Nordmanns Forbundet, we can look forward to a

direktesendt verdensrekordforsøk i grenen “fra sau til genser”. Denne sendinga varer i minst 4,5 timer, til genseren er ferdig. Da skal altså først sauen klippes, garnet tvinnes, og genseren strikkes ferdig på 4,5 timer for å slå nåværende verdensrekord på 4 timer, 51 minutter og 14 sekunder. Klarer Norge å danke ut Australias rekord fra 2004?

In other words, it’s

a live feed of a world record attempt in the category “from sheep to sweater.” The sheep must be shorn, the yarn spun, and the sweater knitted in 4.5 hours in order to surpass the current world record of 4 hours, 51 minutes and 14 seconds. Will Norway manage to beat Australia’s record set in 2004?

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