New toys!

Last week I finally got the sewing machine that Odd-Even has been pestering me to buy for the past few years. In his wild fantasies, I acquire a sewing machine, learn to sew like a professional, and fill our wardrobes with Saruman-inspired cloaks and medieval tunics. And as my magnum opus I sew him an Oslo Jubileumsdrakt.

Well, so I did get a sewing machine. From IKEA, even. It cost less than 500 NOK, which is really saying something. (Sorry, no pics as Odd-Even put the monster lens on the camera in order to photograph the build progress of his 3D printer, and I’m too afraid of destroying said lens to replace it with the more normal one, but you can see the product page here. It’s cute and comes in Swedish colours.) Anyway, “Sy” is my new friend. And “Seam Ripper” is my new best friend.

So, Fleinhøy! What are you and your friends doing these days, you ask? Sewing practice seams! Tearing apart old clothes! Learning to make darts (arrrggggghhhhh)! Hacking sweaters! Like this one, which began life in China as a women’s size S turtleneck pullover with 2/3 sleeves. Now it’s a jacket for…some girl between the ages of 2-4, I guess, given the button placements. Though I might still try to sneak Tott into it.


Don’t look too closely and I’ll be able to maintain the fiction that it’s all really awesome and good with the bestest, straightest lines and evenest seams.

Knitting news: the St Martin stole test is finishing up and the pattern will be out next week. A new test will open by this weekend, assuming that I’m being realistic and not overly optimistic. Since I’ve been reduced to taking pictures with an iPad, there will be no teaser today.

Off to rip more seams >_<

Stay warm, dear reader. If you even exist.


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