I’m unreasonably proud.

Z-spun 3-ply Polwarth (from a braid dyed by Fat Cat Knits in the colourway Brass Tacks) with a single crochet edging and braided fringe:


My progress is hereby posted for posterity below. Generally I dislike sharing poorly composed photographs or photos of ugly yarny things, but I felt this exception to be necessary. From all the Ravelry projects that I looked at and from most information that I found online concerning knitters taking up weaving, it seemed that tabby on a rigid heddle loom would be a snap. In other words, the purple “scarf” was actually intended (before the warping and then the weaving went awry) as a wearable accessory.

In case anyone else feels strangely adrift and intimidated in the face of everyone else’s instant mastery of the Schacht Cricket, make yourself feel better:

Here’s my first attempt, also documented photographically in an earlier post – some Rauma 3-ply, colours chosen not to coordinate but because it was the last of the worsted in the stash and I wanted to warp the 8-dent reed.


The second attempt, sock yarn on the 10-dent reed, regressed when it came to the evenness of the edges.


Thirdly, a one-inch-wide band of sock yarn that finally! finally! produced something usable. (Doubtlessly Knoll will claim it as a belt.) Rather than use the giant shuttle that came with the loom, I cut a 7-inch shuttle out of cardboard and with this smaller size many issues either disappeared or diminished.


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