Isolde White-Hands

I was excavating the knitting bins last night and happened upon these mittens, whose pattern needed only the instructions for the crochet rose to be called complete.

Kinda thorny with those leaves pointing in every ol’ direction, and not exactly elegant instructions for crocheting the aforementioned flower – indeed, the pattern’s untested and so caveat emptor, as it were, but for the fact that it’s free. And available as mittens, fingerless mittens, and gauntlets here.

As for its namesake, Isolde White-Hands, being not only a medievalist but actually an Arthurist I ought to be able to explain how her story intersects with Tristan and the “real” Isolde, but it’s a mess in my head after all these years – not that I truly ever had it sorted out anyway.

Let me finish this post with a plea to send me a Ravelry PM if you can help with the rather obtuse instructions for the rose 😉

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