All right, dear reader, it’s already 2 January and therefore time to emerge from the holiday hangover and get back to the blog. In the past week, I’ve built the Mines of Moria and Elrond’s Council in Lego; Odd-Even took on the 2000+ piece challenge that was Orthanc; and with a gift card to my local yarn store, I acquired 27 skeins of Lett Lopi with the intention of making some very itchy sweaters.

Anyway, we left off in mid-December with some mittens and fingerless mittens, which got a very gratifying response on Ravelry; thanks to everyone who favourited and/or queued Boring Blue and Isolde White-Hands!

Moving on: this post is meant to look back at the nostalgia that was 2013 and to provide some teasers for the new year.

Well, the blog survived, and not just by the skin of its teeth. I did discover, however, that I should probably have used Tumblr as a platform given the tiny amount of text that tended to accompany pic-heavy posts. Though the blog began with the ambition of eventually turning it into a book – or in the very least gaining notice as an acidic commentator on yarny matters – it didn’t actually develop in a way that would be compatible with the realization of stated ambition. 2014 may yet ring more changes, though I remain less than optimistic on this front; I’ll never be the sort of blogger who delights in immortalizing the mischief of Knoll and Tott or mourning my husband’s obliviousness to the awesomeness of wool.

As for new designs, this year will be full of lace and nupps and beads. If you want teasing, let me say but this: Guadalquivir. Alleluia Karitate. Guro Heddelid. I Wish I Were Silver. Further on that note, the next test, for an Estonian-style stole, will open in mid-January. It’s slightly less fantastical than its tentative name, Se Mai Senti, would suggest – but still worth your while, if you’re asking for my not-unbiased opinion 😉

Well, I’m off to block said stole…though photographing it will have to wait, given the greyness that has hardly lifted since Christmas.

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