And so it begins

2014 started with Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn (which, for the record, requires actual watching and therefore cannot be recommended as the backdrop for highly concentrated knitting/spinning) and the spinning of a braid from Picperfic. With the exception of merino/silk batts, I don’t usually spin much luxury fiber but back at the tail end of 2012 Marianne was clearing out her stock of the angora/silk 50/50 and I thought, well, why not? Leery of angora, I only bought one braid – much to my regret now.


I split the braid into its hot pink/magenta and lavender components, and spun the pink first into a floofy fingering weight. It is even now being knitted into squishy scarf for Mum, who usually despairs of me and my Shetland obsession. The lavender is on its way to what I hope will be a true laceweight and a shawl for Borghild, my mother-in-law.

Aaaaand when not dreaming too much of Ryan Gosling’s Driver (who, despite the taciturnity that I appreciated so much, will probably never inspire me to any designs), I’m listening to my new musical love, Philippe Jaroussky, sing castrato arias.



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