More yarn! More music! More lace!


Heavy laceweight merino/silk from a braid dyed by Widdershin Woolworks in the colourway Lannister! The fiber had been residing in the stash bins since…er…May 2012…and I was inspired to spin it after listening to Phil Ochs’s arrangement of Alfred Noyes’ poem “The Highwayman.”


It’ll turn into a stole – but first things first, and in this case let’s not forget that the first thing consists of the shawl in purple angora/silk featured in the previous post. It became half-hexagonal rather than semi-circular, as it turns out. Is that a popular shape? A wearable shape? A practical shape? It seems to me to be sort of irritatingly peculiar as there’s no intuitive way of wearing it, but the yardage limited it to a small shoulder shawl so perhaps this geometric idiosyncrasy matters less than it otherwise might. Anyway, dear reader, I hope to get you some pics by the end of the week.

I’ll leave you with “Se Mai Senti” – the aria, not the shawl – sung by Philippe Jaroussky.

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