More winter!

OK, now that all my testers have finished up with the latest lace, I was planning to take some less yellow-tinted, more colour-true pics for the pattern. And then last night this happened:


Usually I place the mannequin just outside the balcony door, draw the curtain, and stand at the railing a few meters away to photograph the piece. It’s neither ideal nor very comfortable, especially in sub-zero temperatures, but it works better than most of my attempts at indoor photography.

But on another level, really, why do I keep trying to kid myself? I haven’t seen the sun since the ides of January, when the snow started. Ah well. Unlike photography, cross-country skiing (my latest endeavour), at least, requires no sunlight – in fact, the crazy Norskis do it all the time at night under floodlights in the forest. I’m not yet brave enough to venture past the unplowed pedestrian road in front of our house, but next year, perhaps, we will forgo knitting for skiing on these long, long winter nights…

/ over-optimisticness 😉

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