I’m so bad at titling my posts

Here’s a collection of random thoughts and happenings.

First of all, the Chinese New Year sale ends today at midnight GMT. Until then, there’s a 40% discount on everything in the NewNorwegian Ravelry store.

Next, finished yarrrrn – and you can really roll the R like a pirate there, because this colourway shares a name with Jack Sparrow’s, excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow’s, ship the Black Pearl.


I’ve been quite adamant for a few years about my dislike of BFL, and was not really happy to have this antipathy reaffirmed while spinning this braid; I’d hoped that it might have been a turning point towards a happier relationship with this fiber that’s so ubiquitous in Etsy shops. Oh well – there’s just 4 oz of it left in the stash, and the fact that it was dyed by Bride Flight Studios might make its spinning all the more bearable.

Then there’s a new test in Free Pattern Testers – the Guro Heddelid scarf.


And a teaser for the far future, which seems like it contains a lot of scarves for some reason: The Landlord’s Daughter scarf, for which that lovely handspun merino/silk was not really so suited after all. The yarn turned out more marled than I had anticipated, its colour transitions aren’t exactly subtle, and the cables would probably look better in a 3-ply fingering weight, but alas, I couldn’t help shoehorning the pattern into it.



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