Laie Point

Laie Point

I probably overuse crochet chain edgings/crochet bind offs, but I can’t resist how it automatically lends an even lacier effect to whatever it adorns. And a double crochet chain makes a shawl even more extravagantly lacy while at the same time rendering it distinctly suggestive of a doily. Oh well. Here’s the Laie Point shawl in handspun merino/tencel.

The fiber was dyed by Bride Flight Studios in colours inspired by Sylvia Plath’s poem Fever 103, but it put me in the mind of plumeria blossoms.

Plumeria blossoms, Hawaii

(As far as I know, plumeria don’t grow at Laie Point but that’s of little import to me. My grandmother’s ashes were scattered there 10 or 12 years ago, and after his death last week my grandfather’s ashes were scattered there as well.)

The pattern is relatively straightforward and shouldn’t take me long to write up – I’ve only to put the charts into Numbers (the Apple equivalent of Excel, and a program I quite recommend) and take some photographs for a tutorial on the double crochet chain edging – but it’ll take me a while to get started because right now I find it easier to make my hands move in familiar motions rather than to concentrate my mind on concision and clarity. Unfortunately in that regard, I’m not Knoll, who, after having being told that his great-grandfather had passed, exclaimed with 5-year-old earnestness, “Mummy, I’m not sad!” 😉

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  1. Carla says:

    and the Plumeria?….beautiful

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