Snow falling on cedars

I just got my package of custom-carded batts from Fondant Fibre and spun up this one yesterday. It’s Teeswater, alpaca, bamboo, faux cashmere, and sparkle, give or take. I tossed everything green and white into a bag and asked Deb to card it together into a single batt; admittedly, though, the greens all coordinated because they were cannibalized from a layered batt that had proved beyond my capacity to spin.

The yarn itself is sort of heavy laceweight, very dense, and probably not all that warm given the high bamboo content. So I’m not sure what it might yet become. Something garter, perhaps? Well, something most certainly lacy.


And anyway, perhaps I ought to finish some of the other shawls hanging around in the UFO basket – for example, that Prism Lace Wool that’s languished unknit for 7 years and is finally, at a glacial pace, turning into another Salish Sea shawl…or the pure silk from our last visit to Canada, which has progressed one-third of its way into a beaded scarf…and so on.

On a brighter note, I did finally transmogrify some Lett-Lopi into an awesomaceous sweater. Apparently, one of my special talents consists of a high itch-factor tolerance and I can actually wear lopi against my skin. Odd-Even shudders every time he sees me. But I love it! And I’ve got 2 more kilos to knit up!

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