Lilacs in the Doorway

Strangely elegant despite its simplicity, Lilacs in the Doorway is on its way to becoming my new favourite scarf. I spent a month or so trying to find the perfect pattern for my handspun Haunui Halfbred roving (which for some reason looks brown even though I bought a colour called light grey). Nupps looked grotesque and huge, and complex patterns got lost in the halo. And so, with great reluctance, I decided to go for a very simple solution: the Estonian “lilac leaf” pattern.

Of course, it would have been easy to knit it all in one piece, but I had to give myself some challenge now that I was begrudgingly knitting such a simple (boring?) scarf. So it’s grafted at the center in order to produce two nearly symmetrical halves. I say “nearly” because they are offset by half a repeat at the bottom in order to produce a nearly invisible join:


You know, dear reader, it’s as if all this sunshine of the past few days has kind of hit me like a sledgehammer after the solid grey skies of winter. I feel incapable of writing anything funny, light, or easy to follow – and, what’s worse, I don’t even care! So let me wrap this up by pointing you to the pattern, which can be downloaded for free, on Ravelry.

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