Random rolags

Hello, dear reader, and welcome to our weekly update. Coming up in this post, some pictures of Fleinhøy’s latest spinning.

Random rolags from Fondant Fibre (and I promise that despite all my rhapsodizing I have no affiliation with Deb) plied with various bits from the stash to make some mini-skeins that weigh in at about 12 g each – to become a semi-circular chevronny shawl, perhaps? Not a very original undertaking, I concede, but an effective one for winter with these bright colours.


The test for the Salish Sea shawl is also underway, and as it progresses I’m reminded of the benefits of testing – to check stitch counts, charts, and yardage, of course, but also for feedback that helps me write clearer, more concise, and more precise patterns.

The test for the Miller Maiden’s scarf is set to wrap up this week, and while there might be some freebies in the near future I don’t expect to open another test before the end of May. But maybe I’ll be lucky and the stitches will zip along and the shawls will bead themselves and there will be some glorious lace in time for 17 May (Constitution Day, should you be a non-Norwegian and puzzled by that reference).

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