Spinning and the “17th of May” shawl

I’ve been spinning a lot of rolags and batts lately, mainly because it’s been so difficult since the demise of Bride Flight Studios and the recent jacking up of US Postal Service overseas shipping costs to find an indie dyer whose style on combed top meshes with my own.

With that thought in mind, yet more Fondant Fibre random rolags plied with Bride Flight Studios Shetland – with a marled/barberpole effect on which I’ll still reserve judgment. Rolags, though, make for effortlessly fine spinning, and these rolags contained such luxurious fibers that the finished yarn remains quite soft despite the particular coarseness of this Shetland top.


In addition, good progress is being made with JaggerSpun Zephyr laceweight and the so-called “17th of May” shawl. I’m nearly 2/5 through the border, which in its entirety will contain more than 1300 nupps – and yes, I do find it punishing and brutal and wonder every now and then why I brought this abundance of Estonian lilies upon myself…

I also bought myself a birthday present from Snowday Spinning and Odd-Even’s Christmas gift to me arrived at last, via Honolulu and Toronto, from Luthvarian Fiber Arts. As I’m too lazy to stage even a basic photo-op, you’ll have to wait a while to see the gorgeousness.

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