Heat wave

The past two weeks have proven unconducive to much knitting given the extreme heat we’re suffering (yes, suffering) – while 28 degrees Celsius is probably laughably cold in other parts of the world, it renders this particular Norwegian-Canadian family lethargic and unproductive. With an estimated high of 34 degrees on Thursday, I am in the throes of despair.

That said, the latest little stashbuster scarf, Guntheuc, makes her appearance! The first of the winter knitting, she will be a Sinterklaas gift for Joanne.

You might, dear reader, notice that while in winter  we suffer from a dearth of sunlight and I can hardly take a decent picture that would tempt anyone to buy a pattern, the light of high summer is hardly an improvement.

Anyway, having discovered some Wollmeise Lace-Garn (leftovers from Soria), I’m now at work on Cunigunda. (Those Merovingian names just roll right off one’s tongue, don’t they!) And, being that I eschew project monogamy, I’m also intermittently knitting that stole, hinted at in previous posts, inspired by April in the Eastfold.

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