Hey, look! It’s a shawl!

The pattern for Troldhaugen was just released! And here’s a pic and an experimental button. If it doesn’t work, here’s a direct link to the pattern page on Rav.


In other knitting news, I just finished a prototype in some lovely Merino/Shetland/sparkle handspun – “prototype” only because the finished object looks rather less like what I had hoped/envisioned. (One can’t get lucky all the time, I suppose.) So I mean to rework it as soon as my first order from Fyberspates reaches Norway: Gleem Lace in Deep Aqua. I would never call myself a particular fan of blue, yet that colour in all its various incarnations from turquoise to midnight seems to make up a rather large part of my stash.

And oh, dear reader, I think that I’ve previously mentioned the relatively incomprehensibility of one of my first patterns, Dragon Gate Inn, and so to this end – drum roll, please – it’s being reworked completely and is on the needles now in a deep purple Torino from Weldraad! I’m not really sorry to say that the pattern will no longer be free once it’s been rewritten and tested, as – now that the (yarn) ball’s rolling – I simply don’t want to wait any longer than necessary to delete the offending and embarrassing original version from Ravelry. Of course, nothing prevents me from excising it right now, but it somehow seems wrong to do so without offering a more palatable alternative.

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