Handfasting Mittens

Dear reader, you might remember that I once talked about the ambition of an e-book with a variety of mitten patterns. And I managed to do it, rather than have the idea stagnate after a week of initial excitement! It’s not as if I actually needed half a dozen pairs of mittens, but they were strangely addictive once I started and now the worsted stash is nearly gone. In fact, I even had to resort to double-stranding sock yarn for the final mitten…

Handfasting is a set of 6 mittens with colourwork cuffs, each designed to use up a stray 50 g ball of worsted weight yarn in addition to a motley assortment of contrast colours ranging anywhere from 10-35 m in length. They are sized to fit an average woman’s hand – 8″ circumference and anywhere from 9″-10″ from the base of the cuff to the tip – but can be resized using larger/smaller needles and thicker/thinner yarn.

The patterns assume that you have some experience with mittens in general, and more specifically with working in the round, picking up stitches, stranded colourwork, provisionally casting on, attached i-cord aka i-cord bind-off, and Kitchener stitch (grafting). If you don’t know one or some of these techniques, remember that Google, YouTube, and the Ravelry forums are your friend!

Instructions are also included for lining the mittens. So come on, let’s bust some stash!


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