Return to Dragon Gate Inn

I did it!


It seemed so easy this time around – to knit the shawl as it should have been back in the day. Of course, the pattern’s yet to be tested but for whatever reason my usual nervousness at that prospect hasn’t yet managed to muster itself.

The especially observant among you may notice that the edging has undergone a small change. The original shawl ought to have featured this style of edging, but at the time I couldn’t figure out how to achieve it. Anyway, Dragon Gate Inn will never number among my favourite patterns – but I admit that blocking worked wonders, as did the luxurious yarn, and I very nearly want to keep this one for myself.

The test for April in the Eastfold will be followed by the test for the 17th of May shawl, and hopefully the very end of this year will see the release of Dragon Gate II.

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