More yarn

I’ve charted (and swatched!) two new shawls and now find that I lack any suitable yarn with which to knit them. That’s evidence that the lace stash has shrunk considerably, and indeed, now it’s mostly been reduced to 20 g balls of leftovers – which, I remind myself, constitutes a Very Good Thing, and the rest of the fiber can be spun into whatever weight I fancy, so all in all one can hardly justify much moaning.

In other news, Knoll’s fiber snobbery never ceases to amaze me. After rooting through my stash, he decided that he wanted the camel/silk so over the past few days I busied myself spinning a 3-ply fingering weight that’s now destined for a dickie. (With any luck, said dickie will keep the “itchier” Nøstebarn 2-ply Merino sweaters, yet to be knitted, from irritating his neck, but I’m not sure I ought to hold my breath.) Then he discovered the hand-dyed merino from Snowday Spinning and demanded it for himself too. Here they are, freshly spun and steamed.


Hmm…my photos of late seem to be even more execrable than usual.

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