The cat set up her loom

Arve Moen Bergset is one of my favourite singers of Norwegian folk music. Unfortunately, he sings primarily in arcane dialects that neither I nor Google Translate can fully comprehend. In this song, the cat sets up a loom and weaves a shirt and trousers for the rooster, something for the hen, and a handkerchief (?) for herself. The finer details sadly remain a mystery to me…but perhaps you, dear reader, find yourself better situated to understand it.

Katten sette upp veven sin
Med lange naser og vronge.
Vov ho i både stikkur og strå,
Så let ho veven gange.
Hanen fekk både buksur og skjorte,
Høna fekk seg ein geiri,
Katten fekk ein naseklut.
Så rykte ikkje veven meire.

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