The good, the bad, and the beautiful

The good: I spun more yarn and made plans to knit with it. More mittens, anyone?


(Shetland 3-ply fingering weight from Snowday Spinning in the colourway Elderberry Heather.)

More good: Dale of Norway Cotinga now numbers among my new favourite yarns with which to knit and Knoll, ever the fiber snob, says it’s soft enough to wear against his skin. Let’s see how it holds up through the winter (sagging? pilling? shrinking? felting?) to judge whether to buy more again next year! Here’s Knoll’s Snowday Stars sweater with the handspun Merino from Snowday Spinning.


The bad: Without any major lace project on the needles, restlessness gnaws at me. But more children’s clothing must yet be knitted before the winds of winter come down from the north to chill us all (yes, that was intentionally hyperbolic) and soon – very soon! – many yellow sweaters will fill Tott’s closet.

More bad: While cleaning the bathroom with oxalic acid I accidentally scrubbed off some of my fingerprints. In a world where I’m due to visit the Norwegian equivalent of the INS in order to renew my residence permit, lack of fingerprints could prove problematic to say the least.

As for the beautiful, let Edsgar Dijkstra enlighten us:

“Elegance is not a dispensable luxury, but a factor that decides between success and failure.”


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