Random stuff!

In addition to yarn, books about American history, and writing novels, I also like figure skating and right now I’m ubering (in the parlance of figure skating fans) a new pairs team from Canada.

Here is a video of Lubov Iliushechkina and Dylan Moscovitch’s free skate from the Skate Canada Challenge in Pierrefonds last month. If you’re intrigued, you can read more about them here and here. Lubov is originally from Russia and moved to Canada earlier this year to skate with Dylan. In her honour, I’ve designed some Canada mittens, but they’re as yet unknitted and probably destined to remain so until next winter – so not actually really worth mentioning…anyhoo.

In other news, last week I donated my last 5 Paypal dollars to the Electronic Frontier Foundation so now my yarn diet cannot be anything but enforced. I broke it quite a few times this past year and the state of the stash is probably worse than it was when I started this project/present for Odd-Even because I allowed myself to buy fiber, which was then spun into laceweight, which in turn takes years (literally, it seems) to knit.

Job applications are going badly as usual. A non-Norwegian name coupled with a graduate degree in the humanities do not equip a person particularly well for successful navigation of the job market here. Thus I reserve the right to remain depressed until the spring equinox.

A plug for Mosaic Science here too, because of their well-written and thought-provoking articles. Mosaic is published by the Wellcome Trust, whose library I will not miss the next time we make it to London. (Which will probably be never, but you know.)

Oh, and although it doesn’t concern handknitted socks, an amusing read nonetheless: Code names, footwear fines, and Instagram shaming: inside the secret world of London’s sock club by Dean Kissick on The Guardian. I don’t really understand, though, why – if the men’s commercial sock market is worth $2.8bn – handknitted bespoke socks can’t command at least a hundred dollars a pair. Sigh.

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