More mittens

Thank you, dear reader(s), for the amazing number of hearts and kind comments that you gave the Maple Leaf and Moose Antler mittens on Ravelry!

For my latest, I combined some stitch patterns from a Rauma booklet for a new mitten. The knitting itself took barely 2 days and I enjoyed the rhythm of these Norwegian patterns much more than the Estonian ones. After finishing the first mitten I decided to investigate the Ravelry pattern library to see whether it bore any passing resemblance to any previously published designs. Sadly, it did (to two, in fact!) and as the resemblance is more than just passing I’ve decided to refrain from publishing. So here, for the first, last, and only time, “Plum Trees Blooming Above the Fjords” (although in Selbu the pattern is traditionally called orange – as in the fruit).

All this said, I don’t regret knitting them and they will make a good birthday gift for my mother-in-law Borghild despite the fact that she is rapidly accumulating (due to nooooo fault of mine, I assuuuure you) more mittens than she could hope to wear with these mild winters.

Aaaaand now that January is in full swing, I’m going to get some shawls tested. And knit some new ones. And maybe set up my own Ravelry group and attempt to run a KAL. Er, yes, well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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