Dear reader, thank you for sticking with me despite the dearth of updates. Unexpectedly I got a call for a temp job at the end of January, and it’s possible that I will continue on until Easter – but it leaves me with little time at home in the evening and I do prefer to spend those few hours with the kids than pattern-writing and supervising test-knitting. Still, the commute affords me the opportunity to knit regularly!

Anyway, stashbusting hasn’t really worked out very well for the past several years. If anything, there’s more yarn than when this blog began. In that spirit, today I debated between donating my last 20 Paypal dollars to EFF or buying yarn; the latter won out and I went on a sort of feeding frenzy at YarnStories about half an hour ago.

The last time I worked with linen was about 6 or 7 years ago – some shopping bags imbued with the power to continually expand – and I’m looking forward to what sounds like a much better quality yarn than what I used back then. In the meantime I’m working my way through some Malabrigo Lace and dreaming of shawls from the bottom up, Faroese-style.


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