All You Knit Is Love

While in Barcelona, I lost my yarns at one of the shopping centres there and through a combination of my bad Catalan skills and an impending flight home had to abandon the search for them. But I posted my sob story on a Barcelona group on Ravelry and Jen from All You Knit is Love, where the yarns were originally purchased, inquired again on my behalf – and here you see the results of her efforts!

All from Greta and the Fibers, with the exception of the blue sock yarn (which, along with the green silky worsted, was promised to Knoll in return for accompanying me to the shop). Thank you, Jen!

Then there’s another faux-Faroese shawl, this time in Malabrigo Lace, which is definitely not one of my favourite yarns but makes nice enough nupps. I’m unimaginatively naming this soon-to-be-trio after towns in the Faroe Islands; may I hereby present Vestmanna.

Aaaaand last but not least, a Lego spinning wheel from the Sleeping Beauty set!


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