Yarn moratorium

Odd-Even has declared a yarn moratorium, which is probably just as well given the stash expansion that occurred in Canada. Anyway, I knitted some house socks in the handspun green Dorset Horn and spun up a braid of Cheviot into 2-ply fingering weight, thereby making the discovery that Cheviot numbers among my favourite fibre to spin (alongside Shetland and Falkland).

Some photos, one new and the others recycled, in this collage:


The Cheviot – unfortunately there’s no fibre picture, but it was dyed by YummyYarnsUK and once my PayPal account contains a few more dollars, I’m going to go blow it all on more Cheviot from Patricia. This lot is likely destined to be a garter stitch shawl with a big pink border. Just the thing for autumn!



And, given that it’s sock season, one more pair of socks for myself:


I’ve been using either afterthought heels for self-striping yarns in order not to break the striping pattern at the ankle. It does involve a provisional cast-on halfway through the sock in addition to a few more loose ends to weave in, but I like the continuity of the colour scheme.

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