Bad news

The baddest of the bad news: carpal tunnel (or RSI), the doctor doesn’t seem to know/care, except to prescribe REST REST REST and more REST — no more knitting, no more (hand)writing, no more computer.

On a rather less drastic note, my poor Haldarsvik faux-Faroese took a trip to the washing machine…I blocked it again, hoping to salvage it, and was surprised by how much softer and cozier it became!


Better news: in the absence of knitting, I’ve returned to sewing and made Knoll this backpack. Upon close inspection, the stitching is uneven and the joins rather atrocious, but from a distance it passes muster. The pattern can be found here, for free!


There will be no more updates until my wrist/arm is somewhat decent, except perhaps for a photographic catalogue of my stash. Which might just cause the winter depression to sink in all the more firmly, given that I’ve no idea when I’ll be able to knit again. Oh well. AT LEAST IT FINALLY SNOWED!

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