Time waits for no knitter

Yesterday we went to see this knitting clock at The Thief hotel at Tjuvholmen. It knits a full round every 12 hours (or 24 hours, I can’t quite remember). Six and twelve o’clock, a.m. and p.m., are at opposing corners. In short, this clock likely won’t yield you the time unless you’re willing to examine it quite closely, but perhaps its elegance makes up for its impracticality.

Speaking of the latter – a Faroese shawl in cashmere/extra fine merino, what could be more impractical? It’ll be a gift, no matter how I love it, because I’ve decided that I like robust, scratchy yarns for my own shawls.

With that last in mind, I took Knoll off to Den Norske Husfliden yesterday to look at Rauma Lamullgarn. We talked with some members of Kristiania’s “husflidslag,” all very kind and beautifully dressed elderly ladies (they were wearing bunad, Norwegian traditional clothing) who became very enthusiastic when I mentioned that I was planning to join our local chapter.

Then we came home with 3 skeins of said Lamullgarn, already on the needles. The snow still lingers here as do the grey winter skies, and I couldn’t shake the need to knit with yellow. So a rustic Gjogv (the original in merino/linen lives in Canada, where Mum appreciates it very much) for meeeee!

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