Oops, I did it again

My hand slipped on the keyboard and I bought myself some early birthday presents. The more relevant one for this blog is depicted below (the others being a history of clocks and timekeeping and a history of the English country house).

From the always awesome Fondant Fibre!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.47.37


Also, today being a rare day off work, I’m taking the time to catalogue my existing yarn collection. It is much more extensive than I had thought and I am terrified about the necessity to knit it up. If, dear reader, you’ve been following this blog since its inception then you’ll know that my original project constituted a promise to Odd-Even: that I would knit up all my yarn before buying more. And you will know, too, that my failure on that note was epic. Now, however, as I survey the many kilos laid out on our balcony, the doubt that once only gnawed at me now begins to masticate loudly: it has gotten out of hand. And since I will be out of a job as of next month (my own choice) it seems a necessity to knit down the stash until I am, truly, out of yarn.

I’ll post some photos later of the stash in all its awful glory. At the moment I hesitate as to whether it ought to include the large collection of remnants, since it lends a disproportionately daunting air to the idea of a knitdown. When I see full balls or whole skeins, I feel that I can best them, but a mountain of unmatching scraps simply paralyzes my brain. So Tott’s kindergarten may soon be offered a yarn donation…

Let me leave you, dear reader, on a cheerier note with a paraphrase of Erasmus: When I have money, I buy yarn; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.

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