Oslo Yarn Shops: Heimen Husfliden

If you’re joining us again, dear reader, you’ll know that this post is the second in a series about Oslo Yarn Shops (likely self-evident to some degree from the title). My life as a knitter in Norway begins at and revolves around Heimen Husfliden, for the most part, and it’s such a staple of Norwegian life that perhaps it ought to have been our first stop.

Located downtown at the old GlasMagasinet building, Husfliden is more than yarn. It’s  your one-stop shop for all things made and/or designed in Norway: bunad (Norwegian traditional dress), handmade soaps, finished textiles like blankets and table cloths, boutique fashion…in short, as you might have guessed, high-quality goods for both local and foreign customers. If you only have time for one yarn shop in Oslo, consider making it Husfliden — as much for the yarns as for the panorama of Norwegiana!

Heimen Husfliden

Stortorvet 9, 0155 Oslo

tel. +47 22 42 10 75

Dalegarn (Dale of Norway), Du Store Alpakka, Alafoss Lopi, Rauma, PT, Sandnesgarn, Leine Merino, Hoelfeldt Lundt weaving yarn, Mora by Borgs Vavgarner

And now for the obligatory collage of bad photos!

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