Oslo Yarn Shops: Grünerløkka Garn

Update, February 2017: Sadly, La Chambre aux Confitures is no longer open.

Yesterday I went to 3 yarn shops in the neighbourhood of  Grünerløkka — in retrospect, I find it quite pleasantly surprising that such a small area can support them all. My visits were all extremely cursory, as Dad was in tow, and I didn’t want to make him suffer too much. Luckily, the area abounds with coffee shops so the trip wasn’t altogether a failure from his perspective.

In any case, our first stop was Grünerløkka Garn. It’s located just across from the tram stop — Mum and I were the only ones there this morning and took our time perusing the shelves (she was coveting the BC Garn Silkbloom Fino). The yarn fairly glowed on the shelves and I was sorely tempted, so it was probably a good thing that Dad went to wait outside, thereby causing a crisis of conscience in me and I promptly vacated the premises without succumbing.

This shop has decent natural light, at least in these summery months (by contrast, Husfliden is located in a basement). I think it would be a cosy place to browse during the winter months, as it’s quite small but not filled to overflowing. On that note, I’d like to point out that this shop is one of the few that I’ve found that carries very local Norwegian yarn from Lofoten Wool. It’s rustic, available in several different weights, in either natural or plant-dyed colours. On the skein, the 2-ply reminds me of Rauma Finullgarn or perhaps Lamullgarn.

Grünerløkka Garn
Thorvald Meyers gate 27
0555 OSLO
Tel. +47 91 39 56 45

BC Garn, Du Store Alpakka, Dalegarn (Lanolin and Eco Wool series especially), Lofoten Wool, Manos del Uruguay…

And now for 2 measly pics of the store along with an impression of the neighbourhood, including the amazing Chambre aux Confitures.

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