Oslo Yarn Shops: Oslo Sy- og Servicesenter

As its name suggests (in Norwegian at least), Oslo Sy- og Servicesenter trades in sewing supplies, sewing machines and services related to the latter. However, the shop dedicates approximately half its floor space to yarn, of which there is a very decent selection.

Whether due to the lethargy brought on by an enormous lunch at Lille Saigon 1 or general exhaustion from looking at yarn (even Fleinhøy, it seems, can grow weary of wool), I was less enamoured of this shop than Grünerløkka Garn and Pickles. But don’t misunderstand me, dear reader! If you’re looking for straightforward, uncomplicated yarn, Oslo Sy- og Servicesenter will service your needs indeed.

Oslo Sy- og Servicesenter

Thorvald Meyersgate 48

0552 Oslo

Tel. +47 22 35 61 67

Du Store Alpakka, Sandnesgarn, Dalegarn (Dale of Norway), PT (a lot of cotton), Rauma; sewing machines from Pfaff, Janome, Elna and Husqvarna

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