Oslo Yarn Shops: Nøstebarn

After a few weeks of meh (which I think coincided with Mum and Dad going back to Canada), the cloud of blah has finally cleared and I’m feeling better. Actually, I think that’s in no small part due to today! Knoll has been bugging me for the past week for a particular book and I decided to take a trip to town for it and hit some more yarn stores in the process.

This journey took me to a neighbourhood called Sagene, which can be reached by a variety of buses (which, strangely for the middle of a working day, were absolutely crammed with passengers). It’s full of small independent cafes, boutiques, and parks. I wish that I had taken more photographs of the surroundings, but I feared running late and so did not disembark along the way.

Nøstebarn is not actually a dedicated yarn store. It primarily trades in ready-made organic wool clothing and long underwear for babies and small children. Knoll and Tott spent their first winters in Nøstebarn clothes and for this climate it is most recommendable.

The yarn has a dedicated corner in the shop and several weights and blends are available, all from the house brand: 2-ply (600 m per 100 g), 3 ply (300 m per 100 g), lanolin yarn, wool/silk, organic merino, wool/angora. A discovery that comes too late for Knoll and Tott’s blankets: they’ve wound up 10 g remnant balls for NOK 15 each. They also carry pattern books with patterns designed specifically for Nøstebarn yarns, all in Norwegian.

After having recently gone through my stash (yesterday) and despaired at its enormity (despite the 2 blankets of the previous post) I had not expected to feel so tempted, but the wool/silk blend very nearly did me in. Admittedly it must have been the locale as well: The store feels larger than its square footage would seem to suggest, and is full of light and cheerful, gentle colours. One can’t help but relax and loosen the purse strings!


Bentsebrugata 29

0469 Oslo

Tel. +47 55 11 32 55

2-ply Merino, 3-ply Merino, Silkeull 2-ply, Angoraull 2-ply, 2-ply Lanolin yarn, 3-ply Lanolin yarn

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