Oslo Yarn Shops: Strikkelilly

Note from Fleinhøy aka The Author: An earlier version of this post referred to the shop as Bente’s Boutique. Apparently, this shop did once bear that name (and their website still mentions this address). However, on a subsequent visit it came to my attention that this shop’s true name is Strikkelilly. We would hereby like to offer you, dear reader, a groveling apology and while we cannot promise that similar incidents will never occur again we do want to reassure you that we will make much better efforts to prevent such confusion in the future!


After Nøstebarn, I crossed the street and went to Strikkelilly. The words that I keep returning to in order to describe this shop are “informal” and “cosy.” Visiting Strikkelilly feels like going to visit a good friend: you don’t need to stand on ceremony. The casualness is real, rather than carefully cultivated. Although space was tight, I wanted to stay and marinate myself in the woolly goodness.

Along with what I’ve come to view as staples of Norwegian yarn shops — Dalegarn, Du Store Alpakka, Sandnesgarn, and Rauma — Strikkelilly carries Cataluna by CEWEC (another temptation) and brushed baby alpaca yarn from the Norwegian company A Knit Story. And let me not forget the soaps by Ka-Ca, handmade in Norway! For me, these last three things gave the shop a more personal touch.

Like Nøstebarn, Strikkelilly also sells yarn leftovers (a new trend, perhaps?) and this time, at NOK 10 per 50 g, I could hardly resist! So I spent a grand total of 11 kroner 🙂


Gjøvikgate 1

0470 Oslo

Tel. +47 22 18 26 39

Dalegarn, Du Store Alpakka, Drops Design, Sandnesgarn, Rauma, CEWEC, A Knit Story, possibly more but I was so enraptured by the bin of leftovers that I forgot to take better note

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