Oslo Yarn Shops: Sømsenteret AS

Sømsenteret (“The Sewing Centre”) is another yarn shop that also serves the sewing community. Located downtown near the Parliament, it was the yarn store in closest proximity to our apartment during my first year in Norway. For some reason, though, our acquaintance never developed very much, and in truth, dear reader, today I hardly feel qualified to introduce you.

For all the tenuousness of our relationship, however, I have been very happy here, because it is one of the few shops I’ve found in Norway that carries Regia sock yarn. All my socks from my student years were knitted in Regia and I admit an ongoing weakness for their self-striping colourways. In addition to yarn you’ll find needles, hooks, zippers, elastics, buttons, sewing machines, fabric by the meter and by fat quarter to name but a few things from the wider selection. Also, they almost always feature some baskets of sale yarn, which I naturally appreciate very much.

From Sømsenteret it’s a short walk to Akershus Fortress, so consider buying yourself some yarn, grab some snacks from one of the nearby coffee shops, and cast on your new project up on the fortress walls next to a cannon!

Sømsenteret AS

Akersgate 8

0158 Oslo

Tel. +47 22 33 46 12

Du Store Alpakka, Rauma, Rowan, Drops, Schachenmayr (Regia)

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