Oslo Yarn Shops: Strikkedilla

Ah, Strikkedilla, my first Local Yarn Shop in Oslo (I discovered it before I ever found Sømsenteret, during my first trip to Norway)! Located in a shopping mall across from Oslo Central Station, it’s a lifesaver if you’ve forgotten your needles and yarn at home and are faced with a long train journey — or if, as a tourist, your departure for the airport is imminent and you realize that you’ve heretofore forgotten to treat yourself to a yarny souvenir! On the other hand, given its location and small space, most of my visits these days are of the in-and-out variety in that I come knowing what I need, find it, make the necessary monetary exchange, and depart.

I do, however, remember my first visit there with much fondness. Yarn! Norwegian yarn! In my dreams, I filled an entire suitcase with Heilo and Falk and took it back to uni. In reality, I bought three balls (black, red, and blue, chosen after much deliberation) and bemoaned my circumstances as a starving student.

If you’re looking for straightforward, no-nonsense yarn then Strikkedilla can more than likely satisfy your craving. Speaking from experience, my own cravings have been satisfied here innumerable times. On a final note, since they’re required to keep the shopping centre’s opening hours, they’re open from 10-22 on weekdays and 10-20 on Saturdays. North American readers may not think anything of these times, but let me assure you, in Norway it’s quite remarkable.


Oslo City shopping centre, 1st floor

Stenersgata 1, 0050 Oslo

tel. +47 22 176 390

Sandnesgarn, Dalegarn (Dale of Norway), Drops Design, PT, BC Garn, Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk

I apologise for the lack of photographs in this post. There are no good excuses (the usual ones – lack of time in particular – do apply, however), but in truth, dear reader, did you really ever come here for the pics? No, I thought not and take no offence 😉 In any case, the link above goes to Strikkedilla’s Facebook page, which in addition to a photograph of the yarn-rich shelves and regular updates also contains a map.

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